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Are you Ready for Profitable, Fulfilling Growth?

Being a CEO doesn’t have to mean “lonely at the top.” Contact us to discover how we can support you and your leadership team as you work together and succeed for the long-term.

We develop strong leaders, both at the CEO and the senior executive level, to energize and grow their company to its fullest capability.

We strongly believe when companies achieve their fullest potential, the level of economic activity increases sufficiently enough to generate meaningful growth, opportunities, full employment and upward mobility.

You have pressing business needs and challenges that must be addressed in order to reach the success you and your company are working towards and deserve. We support you, not only to address these challenges and needs, but to work with you to build a fail-safe foundation for success and sustainability.

Our coaching and education services help you and your leadership team create profitable growth, institute a culture of accountability and become more successful while reducing your anxiety. Whether your business is growing, stalling, or declining, we work closely with you to custom design a simple, practical, and actionable plan that can be implemented for sustained results.

CEO Coaching By a CEO

SeeMetrics Partners is lead by Bahaa Moukadam, coach, consultant and business leader. A former Silicon Valley CEO, and global senior executive, Bahaa’s previous outstanding success in the technology fields, in engineering and marketing, lead him to be cognizant of how a combination of expertise, passion, and awareness leads to insurmountable growth within businesses, regardless of size.

 Who We Support

We support successful CEOs and Business Owners to lead their organizations effectively and to their full potential by:

  • Delivering real results while building rewarding relationships;
  • Creating more time and less anxiety;
  • Making it much less lonely at the top.

We support Executive teams to define their:

  • One-page strategic plan;
  • Core values;
  • Core purpose;
  • Core customer;
  • Priorities and imperatives;

We support organizations to obliterate the knowing-doing gap through:

  • Clarity of strategy;
  • Bias for action;
  • New habits and attitudes;
  • Creation of a culture of accountability;
  • Focused priorities;
  • Data and metrics;
  • Meeting rhythms;
  • Transparency;
  • On-going education.

Ready to go? Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company achieve profitable, fulfilling growth.


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