Our Team

Bahaa Moukadam


Founder & Head Coach

Four Decisions








Mr. Moukadam’s current focus is to apply his passion for success to support Executives expand their capacity to lead, grow, and profit, while having more time and less anxiety. His extensive experience in international business has given him deep perspective in how business is conducted within various cultures, and his strong analytic and communication skills have enabled him to be a catalyst in infusing life into a long stalled business unit (once); turbo charging top line growth (twice); and turning around failing organizations (three times).

Mr. Bahaa Moukadam is a Global Senior Executive, Coach, Consultant, and Angel Investor. He is a battle-tested executive with P&L and General Management expertise rooted in operational accomplishments in both turnaround and growth environments.  Mr. Moukadam is a strategic force in international business and channel development, innovative product creation, marketing, hyper growth, M&A, turnarounds, strategic partnerships, and team and organizational development.

Most recently, Mr. Moukadam served as CEO at Sunrise Telecom, a Silicon Valley technology company. While at Sunrise, he top graded the Executive team, improved product development execution, expanded the sales channel, re-engaged employees, and implemented a quantum leap improvement in the customer experience resulting in rapid business revitalization.

Prior to Sunrise Telecom, Mr. Moukadam made significant contributions to the success of Spirent Communications, Hewlett Packard, and Wandel & Goltermann (now part of JDSU).  Mr. Moukadam holds an M.S.E.E. from the University of Kansas and a B.S.E.E. from the University of Missouri.


      Eric Smith


Partner Coach

High-Performance Organizations * Business Coaching * Executive Education

Eric is an award-winning business coach and educator, with 30 years experience in leadership, team, management and communication. Eric is nationally recognized in team development and conflict resolution. His all-encompassing experience in organization strategy, team alignment, change management, and leadership development includes:

  • Building strong, aligned, high productivity executive and mid-management teams
  • Swiftly improving collaboration, team performance and organizational culture
  • Generating significant and measurable ROI — average 12x per engagement — in cost reductions, revenue enhancements and efficiency gains

Eric has worked in turnaround and growth environments with all levels of management from Fortune 500 companies, ground breaking start-ups, seasoned entrepreneur outfits, and the US government: DOD, Air and Army National Guard, The US Pacific Command, U.S.D.A., and the C.D.C.

Eric has studied and worked with many of the world’s preeminent business leaders, entrepreneurs and educators such as Famous Amos, Stephen Covey, Buckminster Fuller, Tom Peters, Anthony Robbins, Peter Senge, Marshall Thurber, and Margaret Wheatley.



Our Process

Listen, Understand, Think, Converse

SeeMetrics Partners’ process integrates the Four Decisions™, as developed by Verne Harnish, founder of Gazelles International, and author of the best-selling books, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, and The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time.

We start by Listening (to explore, assess and identify), Understanding (to analyze and confirm), Thinking (to explore and identify the most relevant approach and best practices), and Conversing (to explore and validate mutual fit). We tailor the Four Decisions™ framework and methodology to your own unique situation and use our bias for action to begin the journey toward success together.



Consider your answers to the following questions. If your responses are less than optimal for the good of your business, contact us now so we can help.



  • Is your executive team working like a well-oiled machine?
  • What system of continuous learning do you currently have in place?
  • Do you have the right talent to execute your plan?



  • What is your strategy? How many different answers do you get if you ask 5 people in your company?
  • How will your customers react if your business ceases to exist?
  • What big market trend are you diligently working to address?



  • Is your business growing faster than you competition?
  • How many quarters in a row did you meet or exceed your targets?
  • Do your employees know how they contribute to your company’s success?



  • Are your expenses growing faster than your top line?
  • How much better is your Gross Margin compared to your competitors?
  • What would happen if you raise your prices by 10%?


By working with us, you and your executive team will build a One-Page Strategic Plan, learn how to apply the 10 Rockefeller Habits, and build a healthy Culture of Accountability. Through rigorous application of our comprehensive methodology, you will build an enduringly profitable and growing company.

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