About Us

Who We Are

SeeMetrics Partners was founded by former corporate CEO, Bahaa Moukadam, to help top leaders of companies larger than $5M in revenue to scale up, re-invent, or turn around their business. SeeMetrics Partners’ team of industry experts Listen, Understand, Think, and Converse to achieve real results for organizations, while also developing rewarding relationships.

By working with us, you can expect to achieve a  quantum leap improvement in your business results. Our success is based on our combination of extensive operational expertise with the proven methodology of the Four Decisions™, of People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. Using these tools, we help you develop a One Page Strategic Plan and make it breathe, live, and thrive in the hallways and cubicles of your organization instead of collecting dust on a forgotten shelf or a far corner of a desk. We also guide you to inject your company with the Three Disciplines of Priorities, Metrics, and Rhythms to focus, motivate, and excite your team.

By embracing and implementing our methodology, you can expect a quantum leap improvement in Cash Flow (2x), Profitability (3x), and Valuation (10x), while having more time and less stress.

Take Your Business to New Heights

  • Do you have the right talent to execute your plan?
  • What big market trend are you diligently working to address?
  • How many quarters in a row did you meet or exceed your targets?
  • What would happen if you raise your prices by 10%?

By embracing and implementing our methodology, you will have solid answers to these and many other important questions that are essential to your success.  Our approach has been used by thousands of companies to accomplish jaw-dropping business, career, and personal results.

How about 2x the Cash Flow? 3x the Profitability? 10x the Valuation? How about more time, less stress, and more rewarding relationships?

We’re Here to Help with the Climb

SeeMetrics Partners is on your side to help take your business not only forward, but upward. By using the Four Decisions™, we help you (figuratively) traverse the path to the top of the mountain, or to scale that skyscraper—feats that you may have thought were unachievable. Even if your business is in decline, we can help you identify your business’s Strengths and Weaknesses, in the midst of current Trends, to reveal roads toward recovery and growth that you may have never considered. Even if you feel like you are on the edge of a cliff; abandoned in the middle of the sea; or on a never-ending bridge to who-knows-where, there is not just hope, there are solutions…and we have them.

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