Bahaa’s coaching has dramatically increased our communications levels and improved our relationships, allowing us to move forward with clear priorities and action plans. Every employee is now involved and has a role in the company’s growth so that morale has improved and we have direction every day. Bahaa also helped guide us to uncovering our company’s Core Values, then celebrating them and restructuring our marketing plan to take advantage of them. Bahaa is a very unique coach that will help the owner or executive team of an organization unleash the power of its employees, become focused on growth goals and enjoy the experience along the way. We highly recommend Bahaa Moukadam for helping your business break out and reach the next level of growth.

Alan Sherry, President, Stellar Technical Products,

Bahaa combines 2 key strengths that enable him to be an outstanding leader in High Tech companies.

#1 – Bahaa has strategic vision to see markets as they develop which allows him to get solutions to market early in the adoption curve.

#2 – Bahaa is an excellent tactical manager, watching all operational aspects while at the same time giving autonomy to the people who work in his organization.

Roger Lingle, Owner Anthem Wealth,

Bahaa was able to quickly diagnose the situation at Wandel & Goltermann K.K. and help us zero in on the handful of actions to take and activities to stop for us to turn things around. Consequently through our effort and his guidance we were able to not only halt the decline but triple our sales two years in a row. It was great having him work with us to illuminate the right way forward.

Yoichi Kataoka, Business Development Manager,

Bahaa is a talented manager/leader who combines a high level of individual contribution with building skilled, loyal teams of technical professionals to achieve aggressive business goals. He is able to see the nuances of industry trends before they become commonly obvious. He then uses this understanding, his experience, and solid judgment to make insightful business decisions. Also, Bahaa has great analytical skill and is an intuitive, multi-dimensional thinker. He is an effective communicator who can sell his ideas at multiple levels both internally and with customers/partners.

I have learned a great deal by working with Bahaa, it has been a pleasure working with him, and he has been a valuable member of the team.

Chris Bohrson, General Manager,