Bahaa's Ahas!

Why ASAP is Never Good Enough

I always thought ASAP (As Soon As Possible) was such a cool term. It is so easy to say and makes it crystal clear that the one or two words immediately preceding ASAP are to be focused on. I need this report ASAP. Get this problem solved ASAP. Wire the money ASAP. Years ago, while...
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Getting Life “Transitions” Right

Our lives are periods of steady state interrupted by “transitions." Transitions are events with a disruptive impact on our life. While transitions come in two flavors (welcome and unwelcome), they all induce a certain level of anxiety. Examples of transitions include things like a major promotion (say, CEO), a marriage (in my case, more than once),...
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Why the Customer is Always Wrong

Do what your customers want and watch your business stall, decline, and die. Do what your customers need and are willing to pay for and watch your business grow, expand, and flourish. We’ve been so conditioned by “common sense” nonsense statements like “the customer is always right,” “you must listen to your customers,” and “if you...
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