Executive Education

    Outlearn Your Competition

Learn + Apply + Repeat = Competitive Advantage. You already know this. To obtain this advantage, you’ve gone to Barnes and Noble or Amazon, carefully selected the best books from the top thought leaders, and bought the most relevant books for you to read now. But while this impressive stack of books surely contains enough intellectual capacity to super-charge your business to profitable growth, where’s the time to actually read the books? Sure, every once in a while, you grab one of the books and actually read a few pages; maybe even a chapter or two. Still, the pile grows taller and untamed. Before long, your stack of books has morphed itself into a tower of guilt, and while resisting the thought, you realize you’ll never have enough time to read as much as you need to.

For the convenience of crazy-busy Executives, top thought leaders have boiled down each of their best-selling books into an hour-long condensed Online Learning experience. This format allows you to learn quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. In fact, you’ll likely retain more this way than by reading the book cover-to-cover, since you’ll be taught the pure essence of each book, directly from the authors.

So, let’s blow up the tower of guilt and gain our Competitive Advantage by Learning, Applying and Repeating now.