The Global Language Monitor as of January 1, 2014 estimates the number of words in the English language at 1,025,109. Is it possible to select 2 words (out of the million or so) that can be viewed universally by all business leaders as the most crucial words?  If someone asks you to pick the 2 […]

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind…4 methods of ensuring Core Value and Core Purpose are Alive

  If I asked everyone in your organization to list the company’s core values how many will be able to tell me?  How many would get it right? Core Values need to live in your organization every day.  Have you tied your hiring, promotions and terminations practice with your core values? Have you put in […]

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Your Core Purpose answers Why You Exist?

Your Core Purpose acts like a giant magnet aligning and engaging the leadership team and the whole organization towards your defined and shared destiny.   Your Core Purpose answers several questions: –          Why do you exist? – should be compelling, inspiring and contributing to a better world –          Why should someone be interested in joining your […]

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