Deep Work

We do our deep work with a handful of leaders managing companies that have been in business for over 10 years and with annual revenue over $10 million.

We work with business leaders that are confident, successful, and ambitious with a deep desire to scale up, re-invent, or turn around their business.  We start by listening to understand, converse, assess and diagnose.  We tailor an effective engagement model to support your success journey.Working with your executive leadership team, we guide you to develop an awesome strategic plan and most importantly equip you with the tools to execute it without all of the drama. 


Typically, our deep work with you will most likely consist of a combination of quarterly strategic planning for growth meetings combined with twice a month one-on-one leadership development conversations.

Common Deep Work Engagement Outcomes Include:

  • Executive Team Healthy and Aligned 
  • Establishing or Clarity the company’s Core Purpose and Values
  • Clear Annual and Quarterly Priorities including Metrics and Accountabilities
  • Harnessing of the Collective Intelligence of the Leadership Team
  • Quantum Leap Improvement in Productivity, Engagement, Alignment and Results.
  • Losing the Drama.