Group Work

Group work was started in service of Our Purpose: “To support business leaders to better lead and grow so they can have more profit, more freedom and less anxiety” and to accelerate our journey towards Our True North: “To support 1000+ business leaders so they can create massive transformation in their lives and their businesses.”

We wanted to find a way to impact many more business leaders faster and in doing so, we created The 10-Week Guided Business Transformation Program


While our Deep Work is ideally suited for $10M+ businesses, our Group Work is intended to serve small companies with annual revenue between $1M-$10M.


We believe that building a fail-safe foundation for sustainable business success is now more possible than ever!  And we want small businesses to be able to do this too.


Yes, running a small business is a big challenge.  


What if… you too can have More Profit, More Freedom and Less Anxiety?

What if, you can:

  • Have A Quantum Leap Improvement in PROFITABILITY
  • Escape the Business BUSYNESS TRAP
  • Become Successful Without all of the DRAMA
  • Have Real Results AND Rewarding Relationships
  • Close the Gap between Strategy and Results
  • Execute Flawlessly while Having More Profit, More Freedom and Less Anxiety
  • Get Alignment, Accountability, and Acceleration
  • Activate the Levers of Profitability to Drop More Cash to the Bottom Line 
  • Build a Valuable Business that can Run Well With or Without You


Here is what you get...

  • The One Page Strategy editable file to build your strategy
  • The Success Playbook series (9 Workbooks)
  • 10 Weeks of one hour live group calls
  • The Business Fitness Assessment Report
  • Business Fitness Assessment Debrief/Recommendations
  • The Business Success Playbook Toolkit
  • Bonus #1: Tool for Growth #1
  • Bonus #2: Tool for Growth #2
  • Bonus #3: Private Coaching