Huddle Up and GO!


“How do I get everyone in my organization on the same page?”


Simple.  Do it the same way you would when coaching a team sport.  Huddle up, daily.


The Daily Huddle is a quick check in meeting to get everyone in synch.  The Daily Huddle is an imperative for fast growth companies. It should be held at the same time each day a few minutes past the hour, for example, at 10:04 AM.

You need to set the ground rules for the Daily Huddle from the start:

–       Huddles are mandatory and there can be no excuses for missing them

–       They start precisely on-time

–       They are all done standing up

–       They last less than 15 minutes


What is covered in the Daily Huddle?

–       What is up (victories, top priority)

–       Daily metric

–       Stucks

–       Positive thought or word for the day


Benefits of the Daily Huddle:

–       Ensures team synchronization

–       Generates team energy and esprit de corps

–       Heals relationships

–       Maintains focus and accelerates progress

–       Causes real-time and on-going transparency


Employee engagement is essential for getting results. Bridging the strategy to results gap can be done through Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.  Implement and stick to the meeting rhythm outlined in Habit #3 and achieve a quantum leap improvement in employee engagement.


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