5 Key Steps to Creating a Successful Theme

5 key steps

“I get too much recognition.” I have never heard this complaint in any of my personal coaching sessions or team turnaround sessions.  Why not?  Why are we not using a reward recognition system to motivate and engage our teams?

The Rockefeller Habits to success recommends aligning everyone in the company with the Critical Number that needs to be accomplished each quarter to move the company forward. Part of this alignment comes by establishing a Quarterly Theme and a Celebration/Reward event.

While Themes are a very powerful tool to communicate the most important priority each quarter, they can be difficult to create and execute.

Here are 5 key steps to creating a successful Theme:

1)   Identify Theme purpose (what is the priority for the quarter)

2)   Create a Theme team with only one executive and several team members known for creativity

3)   Evaluate and choose a Theme that connects with all employees; touches a popular culture or history and that lands itself to multiple ways of communicating

4)   Choose a reward and celebration

5)   Develop a plan and launch the Theme

The Quarterly Theme should be posted throughout and the employees should be made aware of the progress that is made on a weekly basis.  Everyone should get used to the fact that with accomplishment of the goal, reward and recognition will follow.

The reward or recognition does not need to be big.  It needs to be public, fun and treated as an accomplishment that is worthy of the effort.  People want to be told they have done a good job and they want the definition of what a “good job” actually means.

Ensure that the senior leadership team and the whole organization fully understand the critical number, the priorities and the theme to move further in bridging the strategy to results gap.

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