Deep Work

We do our deep work with a handful of leaders managing companies that have been in business for over 10 years and with annual revenue over $10 million. 

We work with business leaders that are confident, successful, and ambitious with a deep desire to scale up, re-invent, or turn around their business. We start by listening to understand, converse, assess and diagnose. We tailor an effective engagement model to support your success journey.


Working with your executive leadership team, we guide you to develop an awesome strategic plan and most importantly equip you with the tools to execute it without all of the drama.  


Typically, our deep work with you will most likely consist of a combination of quarterly strategic planning for growth meetings combined with twice a month one-on-one leadership development conversations.

  • Common Deep Work Engagement Outcomes Include:
  • Executive Team Healthy and Aligned 
  • Establishing or Clarifying the company’s Core Purpose and Values
  • Clear Annual and Quarterly Priorities including Metrics and Accountabilities
  • Harnessing of the Collective Intelligence of the Leadership Team
  • Quantum Leap Improvement in Productivity, Engagement, Alignment and Results.
  • Losing the Drama. 


Group Work

Group work was started in service of Our Purpose: “To support business leaders to better lead and grow so they can have more profit, more freedom and less anxiety” and to accelerate our journey towards Our True North: “To support 1000+ business leaders so they can create massive transformation in their lives and their businesses.” 

We wanted to find a way to impact many more business leaders faster and in doing so, we created The 10-Week Guided Business Transformation Program While our Deep Work is ideally suited for $10M+ businesses, our Group Work is intended to serve small companies with annual revenue between $1M-$10M. We believe that building a fail-safe foundation for sustainable business success is now more possible than ever! And we want small businesses to be able to do this too. Yes, running a small business is a big challenge.  


What if… you too can have More Profit, More Freedom and Less Anxiety? 


What if, you can:

  • Have A Quantum Leap Improvement in PROFITABILITY
  • Escape the Business BUSYNESS TRAP
  • Become Successful Without all of the DRAMA
  • Have Real Results AND Rewarding Relationships
  • Close the Gap between Strategy and Results
  • Execute Flawlessly while Having More Profit, More Freedom and Less Anxiety
  • Get Alignment, Accountability, and Acceleration
  • Activate the Levers of Profitability to Drop More Cash to the Bottom Line 
  • Build a Valuable Business that can Run Well With or Without You 


Here is what you get… 

  • The One Page Strategy editable file to build your strategy
  • The Success Playbook series (9 Workbooks)
  • 10 Weeks of one hour live group calls
  • The Business Fitness Assessment Report
  • Business Fitness Assessment Debrief/Recommendations
  • The Business Success Playbook Toolkit
  • Bonus #1: Tool for Growth #1
  • Bonus #2: Tool for Growth #2
  • Bonus #3: Private Coaching


Scaling Up Workshops


The world-renowned Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop empowers you to accelerate profitable growth using a time-tested and results-driven methodology.  

Through this exclusive learning experience, Gazelles Coaches has empowered more than 40,000 executives and their leadership teams with proven tools and strategies to scale up smarter.  


It can help you:

  • Build an Unshakable Foundation for Sustainable Growth
  • Learn the Four Decisions (People, Strategy, Execution, Cash) Every Business Leader Must Get Right to Scale Up Their Business

Attract and Keep the Right PEOPLE 

  • Become a Magnet for A Players 
  • Align your Team around your Core Values
  • Increase Accountability & Results


Create a Truly Differentiated STRATEGY

  • Clarify your Brand Promises 
  • Discover your Core Purpose 
  • Determine your 3-5 year Key Strategies


Drive Flawless EXECUTION

  • Learn and Apply the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 
  • Create a Culture of Accountability 
  • Fine-tune your Processes to run without Drama


Have Plenty of CASH

  • Boost your Cash Flow to Fuel your Growth 
  • Accelerate your Sales Cycle 
  • Ensure you are never short on Cash