Who We Work With

We support successful CEOs, Business Owners and their Leadership Teams to lead their organizations effectively and to their full potential by delivering real results while building rewarding relationships; creating more time and less anxiety; and making it much less lonely at the top.

About You

Leaders of $10M-$100M Companies


You are a business leader and starting to wonder or even question if your business is running as well as it should? Through imagination, resilience, expertise and hard work you’ve built a business that is generating over $10M of annual revenue. You have more than 50 employees. You’ve been at it for more than 10 years. You are working harder, your revenue has flattened out and you are not generating as much profit as you would like. You are ambitious, confident and at the same time humble and open to new ideas, support and guidance. You are willing to invest in the future and you know that a magic pill has not been invented yet. You probably drive a German SUV. If this is resonating with you, explore our Deep Work and let’s talk. 

About You

Leaders of $1M-$10M Companies


We work with a select number of business leaders managing companies that have annual revenues between $1M and $10M. If you are confident, successful, and ambitious with a deep desire to scale up the business, you may want to attend an upcoming full day Scaling Up Workshop, invest in our Business Fitness Assessment and Debrief, explore our Group Work, where you can participate in a guided business transformation program in a peer-learning environment. After graduating from this program, we can jointly explore if our Deep Work is suitable for continuing and accelerating your Scaling Up journey. Contact us to learn about our private and custom Strategic Planning Retreats.