Bridging the Gap from Strategy to Results

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You can have the best plan in the world on how to reach the mountaintop, but if you don’t start walking you will never get there.  A good strategic plan is necessary but not sufficient for success.

While most executive teams develop inspiring, motivating and well thought out strategic plans, most companies tragically fail to get near the results stated in their plans.  Instead of coming alive in the hallways and cubicles of the organization, the plan too often sits on a shelf or on a far corner of a desk forgotten and collecting dust.

It does not have to be this way.

At the highest level, bridging the gap from Strategy to Results involves three key disciplines:

–       Priorities to create and maintain focus and alignment

  • Keep your annual priorities at 3-5 otherwise you probably have too many
  • Pick a single priority for each quarter that supports the annual priorities
  • Ensure everyone in the company knows the priorities and how what they do contribute

–       Data and Metrics to timely track results against targets

  • Collect and analyze market data with the same discipline you use to analyze your financial results
  • Identify your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Measure and report on your actual results vs. your KPIs on a frequent and transparent basis. Remember the “If you measure it, it will improve; if you measure it and report on it, it will improve faster” phenomena.
  • Pick a Critical Number for the quarter that will have the biggest contribution on ensuring you meet your annual targets

–       Meeting Rhythms to make real time course correction and better and faster decisions

  • Institute a company wide meeting rhythms that includes daily huddles, weekly staff meetings, weekly one-on-one meetings, monthly planning sessions, monthly all-hands-meetings and quarterly strategic plan reviews
  • The daily huddle, when done properly, will turbo charge employee focus, engagement, motivation, collaboration and esprit de corps.

Implement these three execution disciplines now and watch your company run like a well-oiled machine.

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