Is Your Management Team All on the Same Strategy Page?



business teamwork on puzzle pieces over a white backgroundIs Your Management Team On the Same Page?

The sad fact is 95% of employees in most organizations don’t understand their company’s strategy – according to a CEO Survey by HBR

No wonder most leaders are frustrated around team alignment.

“How do I get everyone on the same page?” they say

When asked to share the page, they discover that they don’t have the page in the first place.

The unfortunate reality is most CEOs don’t invest the necessary time and effort with their executive teams to collectively create their one page strategic plan.

In our crazy busy world, leaders must remember Benjamin Franklin quote: “A failure to plan is a plan to fail.”

It’s not hard to set up a plan and gain control. Here are five tips to help you get your Executive team and your organization aligned and on the same page:

1)    Invest the time with your executive team to develop your One Page Strategic Plan

2)    Involve future leaders, key contributors and front line employees in the process by seeking their input ahead of the planning session

3)    Decide your One Priority for the upcoming quarter.  This is very uncomfortable for two reasons: a) Picking a single priority requires a combination of deep insight and uncommon decisiveness b) Most leaders mistakenly think if they pick a single priority nothing else gets done.  Get out of your comfort zone and pick the one priority for the quarter.

4)    As the CEO, personally roll out and introduce the plan in depth to all employees

5)    Repeat these steps quarterly to refine and update your plan, assess how you did last quarter, select the one priority for the upcoming quarter and to address any strategic issues that may have popped up


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