Do you need a Consultant? or a Coach?


Advertising executive Carl Ally in 1965 said “A consultant is someone who borrows your watch to tell you the time, and then keeps the watch”.  Things haven’t changed much since 1965.  Most consultants will spend from a week to several months looking at your business, hand you a 30-40 page document of the good, the bad and the ugly, with the final 3-4 pages of “fix-it” recommendations and promptly send a bill.

A consultant will tell you what to “do” and will walk away, a coach will be a teacher, a confidant, a trusted advisor and an orchestrator of providing you with the right knowledge, tools and relationships at the right time. A coach will stay cheering you on to make sure you execute properly.

A coach is not the sage from the stage, but more like the strong voice of reason from the sidelines.  Encouraging and involved, helping you see the plan and helping you execute to success.  A good coach can help a team come together and win.  Win the first battles and ultimately achieve your long-term goals.

Based on your circumstances, you may need a consultant or a coach. It depends upon your objectives.

At SeeMetrics Partners we start by Listening (to explore, assess and identify), Understanding (to analyze and confirm), Thinking (to explore and identify the most relevant approach and best practices), and Conversing (to explore and validate mutual fit).  Our coaching and education services help you and your leadership team create profitable growth, institute a culture of accountability and become more successful while reducing your anxiety.

We examine your watch while it’s on your wrist, we show you how to best clean it and tune it to keep time better.  Then we show you how to best use that time to grow and win.

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