4 Ways to Communicate with your Customers and the 1 Trap to Avoid


Gathering, analyzing and acting on Data is one of the three execution disciplines.  The other two are Priorities and Meeting Rhythm. Habit number 6 of The Rockefeller Habits ChecklistTM explains how reporting and analysis of customer feedback data should be as frequent and accurate as financial data.  Here are the 4 ways to engage with your customers:

  1. Make sure all executives (and middle managers) have a 4Q conversation with at least one customer weekly.
  2. The insights from customer conversations are shared at the weekly executive team meeting.
  3. Require all employees to be involved in collecting customer data.
  4. Close the loop on all customer feedback.

Customer feedback is but one important element for shaping your priorities, your product roadmap, your process improvements and your sales channel amongst others.

Don’t, however, fall into the number 1 trap of thinking that you have to do everything every customer wants you to do.  This would be a recipe for disaster.  Take in industry and market trends, your core purpose, core values and brand promise as additional important elements to inform your decisions.

A frequent Southwest Airlines flyer got into the habit of sending complaints letters to the airline about lack of seat assignment, the boarding procedure and about how flight attendants tell jokes during take off and landing announcements. Herb Kelleher, Southwest CEO at the time, wrote back “Dear Mrs. Crabapple, We will miss you, love, Herb.”

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