Four Effective Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

sales cycle

One of the warning signs of trouble in a company is when the sales pipeline becomes thinner and less robust.  The sales cycle gets longer and forecasting becomes difficult.

So is there a magic pill that can fill the pipeline? Unfortunately no.  However there are remedies that can help your sales team get back on track.

Here are four effective ways to shorten your sales cycle:

1)    Clarify who your core customer is and focus your resources on those customers.  Use these litmus tests to uncover who your core customer is:

  •   Your core customer will buy at your asking price because they see value in what you offer
  •   Your core customer is loyal and unlikely to switch on a whim
  •   Your core customer does not constantly ask for new features nor do they require    extensive support
  •   Your core customer is a repeat customer

2)    Once you truly understand who your core customer is, align your message and your marketing effort to reach him/her at an emotional level.


3)    Reeducate your sales channel on who the core customer is and the corresponding core message to reach them at an emotional level.


4)    Implement the Net Promoter System as described in “The Ultimate Question 2.0” book by Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey to measure customer loyalty and advocacy.  Your current customer’s word of mouth can be your best lead generators.


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