Are You talking to Me? 5 Proven Ways To Get a Quantum Leap Boost in Employee Engagement


5 Proven Ways to Get a Quantum Leap Boost in Employee Engagement

It is estimated by Gallup that ONLY 13% of employees worldwide are fully engaged in their job.  As a CEO and as soon as you get past the idea of identifying and firing the other 87%, start instituting the proven discipline of meeting rhythms throughout your organization. Employee engagement is directly linked to overall company performance including customer retention, product quality, productivity, absenteeism, physical and mental health, profitability, and market share and growth rate.

Implement this meeting rhythm and watch employee engagement soar:

  1. All employees participate in a daily huddle that lasts less than 15 minutes.
  2. All teams have a weekly meeting.
  3. The executive and middle managers hold a monthly meeting for a day of learning, resolving big issues, and DNA transfer.
  4. The executive team and middle managers hold quarterly offsite meetings to review last quarter results, update priorities and targets for the upcoming quarter and address any strategic issues that may have surfaced during the last quarter
  5. The leadership team meets once a year for a two-day detailed planning session.

Employee engagement is essential for getting results. Bridging the strategy to results gap can be done through Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.  Implement and stick to the meeting rhythm outlined here and achieve a quantum leap improvement in employee engagement.

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