No One is Listening Around Here..

no one listens

“No one listens around here” or “they don’t care what I think”.  If these phrases are being frequently muttered around the break room and water cooler, your company has a problem.

A key to success in bridging the gap from strategy to results is to identify obstacles, challenges, successes and opportunities.  Are you getting input from ALL members of your organization to drive your success?

Executives and middle managers need to communicate regularly with all employees in your organization.  At SeeMetrics Partners, we believe that ongoing employee input must be regularly collected to identify obstacles and opportunities.

All executives and middle managers in your organization should get into the habit of having a Start/Stop/Keep conversation with at least one employee weekly.

The conversation should include these questions to tap into the thinking of employees:

What should we start doing?

What should we stop doing?

What should we keep doing?

It seems like a simple habit to master and yet it is easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges of business and forget to capture the collective knowledge of the team.  This Rockefeller Habit should be practiced even if the only employee in your company is you.

The benefits of adopting this and other Rockefeller Habits will create a culture of accountability, assure team alignment, clarify goals and priorities and focus on results. I recommend that you identify the habits not already implemented and start implementing the few you think will provide the most positive impact within your organization.

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