Hidden in Plain Sight: Employees Input

employee input

Hidden in Plain Sight: Employees Input.

That sounds like an obvious statement, yet are you really using your employees as a source of innovative ideas and problem solving?

Two of the Rockefeller Habits for bridging the gap from strategy to results are:

  1. Collect employee input about obstacles and opportunities weekly.
  2. Share, discuss and act on the insights from employees at the weekly executive team meetings.

Is your organization practicing these habits?  Your employees are in the trenches, closer to the activities and processes that make your company what it is.  Actively soliciting their ideas is an essential method for understanding how things are going and how to make them better. If the habitual “listening session and reviews” are established, then employees are more likely to share their thoughts on an on-going basis creating a virtuous cycle of continuous learning and improvement.

In addition to establishing a meeting rhythm, you need to capture and synthesize the collective brainpower of all team members including:

  • What is working?
  • What is not working?
  • How can we be better?

You may not get instant success when starting this because employees who are not used to giving feedback without repercussion are reluctant to trust.  The safety of being able to give real answers that may cause disruption and conflict needs to be established over time.

However, if a continuous effort is made to listen and learn and collaborate by the executives, employee engagement will lead to positive results and better relationships.

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