Out of Sight, Out of Mind…4 methods of ensuring Core Value and Core Purpose are Alive


out of site out of mindIf I asked everyone in your organization to list the company’s core values how many will be able to tell me?  How many would get it right?

Core Values need to live in your organization every day.  Have you tied your hiring, promotions and terminations practice with your core values? Have you put in place a practice of actively sharing stories of employees living the core values on a regular basis?  It’s so much easier to motivate and engage employees if they understand and “buy in” to the core values and purpose of the organization.

Rockefeller Habit #7 covers the following four methods for keeping your core values and purpose alive and well in your organization:

1)      Core Values are discovered (link to Core Values blog), Purpose is articulated (link it to Core Purpose blog), and all employees know both.

2)      All executives and middle managers refer back to the Core Values and Purpose when giving praise or reprimands.

3)      HR processes and activities align with the Core Values and Purpose (hiring, orientation, appraisal, recognition, etc.)

4)      Actions are identified and implemented each quarter to strengthen the Core Values and Purpose in the organization.

It’s not enough to “talk the talk”.  You need to “walk the walk” and actively promote your organization’s core values and purpose.  If everyone in the company is reminded on a daily basis of the strategy and the desired results as well as the plan to take you there what do you think the chances are that they will achieve their goals? Put the values and purpose in plain sight on a daily basis and watch your organization achieve its objectives.

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