Use Your Core and Walk the Walk

core strength

Use your Core to boost performance.

Strengthen your core.  This is something you hear every day at the gym.  The personal trainer probably says this on a hourly basis.  Core strength is a must for both the athlete and the weekend warrior.

However, the gym is not the only place this phrase should be applied.  Focusing on the Core is a must for the highly performing corporate team.

Your executives and managers should praise, support, coach, mentor and manage team members by referring back to your Core Ideologies (Core Values and Core Purpose).

The core values and purpose of your company should be so entrenched that their use becomes almost second nature to ALL employees in your organization.

It’s not enough to “talk the talk”.  You need to “walk the walk” and actively promote your organization’s core values and purpose.  Do you have what seems like an attractive business deal that can boost your top line that just does not feel right?  Apply the core ideologies test to it. Is it aligned or does it conflict with your core purpose?  Is it consistent or contradictory to your core values?  Does the customer fit the description of your Core Customer? If the answer is it conflicts, is contradictory or not a core customer pass on the deal.  Your core ideologies illuminate the way for better and faster decisions.

The benefit of adopting this Rockefeller Habit will create a culture of accountability, assure team alignment, clarification of goals and priorities and focus on results.

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