Walk the Walk to Bridge the Gap from Strategy to Results


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Core Values and Core Purpose need to live and breathe in your organization every day.  They should be articulated and known by all employees. Have you put in place a practice of actively sharing stories of employees living the core values on a regular basis?  It’s so much easier to motivate and engage employees if they understand and “buy in” to the core values and purpose of the organization.

Core Values are simply a handful of rules (written or not) that your company has in place and lives by regularly. Your Core Purpose acts like a giant magnet aligning and engaging the leadership team and the whole organization towards your defined and shared destiny.  Combined, the two represent the powerful idea that should be shared repeatedly to remind everyone of how things are done around here and why your organization exists.

This Rockefeller Habit can be mastered by requiring team members to share stories and examples of people practicing the Core Values in vivid ways at each staff meeting.  To share examples of how the company’s Core Purpose has helped someone or solved a tough customer problem.  This will re-enforce and ensure, over time, that everyone is living the Core Values and understands the Core Purpose.

It’s not enough to “talk the talk”.  You need to “walk the walk” and actively discuss, promote and live your organization’s core values and purpose.  If everyone in the company is reminded on a daily basis of the strategy and the desired results as well as the plan to take you there what do you think the chances are that they will achieve their goals?

Bridge the gap from Strategy to Results by Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.  Want to find out if your organization is following the habits?  Take this FREE ten minute survey now.