Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Bridges the Strategy to Results Gap

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Of course you want your business to be more successful.  That’s why you are reading this.  A good leader is continuously pursuing new methods and ways to get and stay in the Innovative Zone.

We know why, the harder question is HOW?   Is there a trick? Something I can pay for? A magic pill perhaps?

To get to the Innovative Zone and possibly break through to sustained long term profits you must continuously practice good management habits.

Verne Harnish, in his book “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” examines the famous industrialist JD Rockefeller’s approach to business. He outlines a framework to enabling focus on Execution to obtain results.  As a top leader you are likely to think of checklists as uninspiring, boring and unnecessary.  Let me ask you this: are you getting the business results you expect repeatedly and predictably?  This is where examining what pilots and surgeons do in common can be informative.  They use a checklist every single time they perform.  The use of a checklist allows them to focus on the job at hand while avoiding disasters.  It allows them to better predict results and outcomes. Using the Execution checklist and implementing its Habits will give you a fail-safe foundation for repeatable and predictable Results.

At SeeMetrics Partners, we incorporate the Rockefeller Habits Checklist amongst many other powerful tools to coach the way to closing the Strategy to Results Gap. Stay tuned to our podcasts and continuing blogs to find out more about each of the ten Execution habits.