Pack a Flashlight.. Rockefeller Habit #10


flashlightWhen you send your kids to camp you always send a flashlight.  Because inevitably they will run into a situation where the path is dark.  They will need a flashlight to light the way.

As a leader you need to light the way for your people.  One of the ways this happens is through good communication.  Are you lighting the path for your team? In order to successfully bridge the gap between strategy and results you need to light the path with the help of the Rockefeller Habits.

Your organization needs to make sure that the company’s plans and performance are visible to everyone.  Follow these disciplines:

1)    A “situation room” is established for weekly meetings (physical or virtual).  This is used to handle major opportunities and crisis as they come up in real time.

2)    Core Values, Purpose and Priorities are posted throughout the company.  To support on going shared visibility and organizational alignment.

3)    Scoreboards are up everywhere displaying current progress on KPIs and Critical Numbers.  To provide actual progress and results against targets in real time.  This will inform and guide the necessary actions and changes for continuing the momentum when things are going well and for intensifying the effort when things fall a bit behind.

4)    There is a system in place for tracking and managing the cascading Priorities and KPIs. Depending the size and complexity of the organization, it may be necessary to use an execution management software to accomplish this properly.

Ensure that the senior leadership team and the whole organization fully understand the critical number, the priorities and the actual results to move further in bridging the strategy to results gap. The benefits of adopting these habits will create a culture of accountability, assure team alignment, clarify goals and priorities and focus on results. I recommend that you identify the habits not already implemented and start implementing the few you think will provide the most positive impact within your organization. Once implemented, repeat the process until all the ten Rockefeller Habits are second nature.This will drive sustained profitable growth built on a solid foundation. Watch my podcasts to find out more.

Want to assess whether your team is following the Rockefeller Habits?  Take this survey to find out.