Exchange DNA


Does your executive team transfer DNA? NOT in a physical way, but in a mental way?

We are not talking about shaking hands and doing the obligatory, “how are you today?” question and answer.

I want to know if your executive and middle managers meet for a day of learning, resolving big issues and exchanging in an overall transfer of DNA on at least a monthly basis.

Education is perishable. Over time we need to be refreshed on things we have learned in the past (just try to tutor your child on Algebra or History and let me know how well you do).  Every member of your management team should encourage and provide ample opportunities for continuous learning.

Continuous learning and DNA transfer can be done in various ways including:

–      Lunch and learn sessions where a team member share specific expertise with others that are interested in the topic

–      Assigning an important book to read ahead of time and meet to review key findings and how it can be applied within

–      Bringing in external experts in areas that can move the company forward to teach on topics of importance such as bridging the gap between strategy and results

Establishing a communication rhythm and an environment of continuous learning is an integral part of the journey from strategy to results. By setting up a monthly day of learning, you signal to your executive team and managers that an exchange of ideas and resolution of conflict is an important part of your culture.

This Rockefeller Habit is one of the many that when practiced regularly will lead to results and ensure that your company is on the road to sustained success.

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