The Situation Room


Growing up, family meetings were held in the dining room, at the table, after Sunday dinner.  Once the food and plates were cleared we knew it was time for the “family meeting”.  These were held weekly, like clockwork.  Sunday’s signaled planning day for the rest of the upcoming week.

Where is the place your team goes to plan?

Is there a business “dining room table” in which all can gather to discuss plans and performance, following the Rockefeller Habit 10?

Meeting in a situation room sets the expectation that plans are being made, implemented and performance is being measured. This meeting place can also be used to handle major opportunities and crisis as they come up in real time.

Having a predetermined destination for strategy and problem solving sends a message that team work and planning are important to your organization.

The meeting place does not necessarily have to be physical.  It can be a virtual gathering place.  There are plenty of good systems that allow anyone with an internet connection to join a virtual meeting.

Ensure that the senior leadership team and the whole organization know where the meeting place is and understand its purpose. Following this and other Rockefeller Habits will move you further in bridging the strategy to results gap. The benefits of adopting these habits will create a culture of accountability, assure team alignment, clarify of goals and priorities and focus on results.

I recommend that you identify the habits not already implemented and start implementing the few you think will provide the most positive impact within your organization.

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