The 5 Pillars of Business Success

The success of your business will depend on having a strong foundation in the five key areas of People, Product, Process, Profit and Permanence. Permanence is a measure of how likely is your business to succeed for the long term.

As a busy leader tackling the daily challenges of running your business, you probably have not stopped to examine the health of your business in each of these areas.

The Business Fitness Assessment provides you with a simple and effective way to determine how well your business is currently doing overall and in each of these 5 categories.

For each of the 5 categories, you will have seven multiple-choice statements to choose from. At the end of the assessment, you will receive an email with your Business Fitness report. The report will provide you with an overall Business Fitness score and individual scores for each for the five categories.

Invest 15 minutes and click here to take the Business Fitness Assessment now.