Unravel the Mystery: Why some companies fail while others thrive


There are about 30 Million businesses in the US. Only 7 Million of which are companies with a payroll while the other 23 Million are a single owner “companies”. There are only about 40,000 companies in the US with annual revenues above $50M per year.

It is reasonable to get curious and wonder: why do some companies struggle or fail while others thrive. Are there some common barriers that can stop a business dead in its track and if so, what are they.  Do successful companies share some common characteristics that enable them to Scale Up and break into the $50M+ per year club (the top 0.5% of companies with a payroll)?

According to Verne Harnish (in his new book Scaling Up), the 3 fundamental barriers to scaling up are:

  • Leadership: inability to staff enough leaders who have the capabilities to delegate and predict
  • Scalable Infrastructure: lack of systems and structures to handle the increased complexity
  • Market Dynamics: failure to address competitive pressures that erode margins as you scale up

One or more of these barriers trip up most leaders and prevent them from building a sustainably growing business. If these are the barriers, is there an antidote that can ensure sustainable and profitable growth and what is it? The global executive coaching organization, Gazelles International has developed a proven framework and methodology to support leaders in scaling up their companies. When followed closely, this methodology has resulted in massive improvement in results for thousands of companies including market share gains and 3x industry profitability.

This powerful Scaling Up framework includes:

  • The 4 DecisionsTM you must get right for Growth
    • People, Strategy, Execution and Cash
  • The 3 Execution Disciplines for Success
    • Priorities, Data, Meeting Rhythm
  • The 2 Demands for Sustainability
    • Relationships and Results
  • The 1 Driver of Coaching for becoming Your Best
    • Accelerated with Learning and Technology

By following this methodology, you will in fact be eliminating the three fundamentals barriers to success while providing your organization with a quantum leap improvement in productivity, profitability and growth while at the same time ensuring you are able to balance both relationships and results so critically important for long-term sustainability.