Why the Customer is Always Wrong

Do what your customers want and watch your business stall, decline, and die. Do what your customers need and are willing to pay for and watch your business grow, expand, and flourish. We’ve been so conditioned by “common sense” nonsense statements like “the customer is always right,” “you must listen to your customers,” and “if you do what customers want you’ll do fine.” Since everyone knows this and it is so simple to do, then why do most businesses fail?

With the maddening competitive landscape that is getting tougher daily, everyone knows what customers want and work hard to deliver it. There is an oversupply of everything driving margins down and squeezing your piece of the pie to a thin fragile sliver. You simply can’t win by being another supplier of what people want.

To have the whole pie for yourself, you’ve got to identify what customers need and are willing to pay for before they even know it. You can ask them; however, by definition, they won’t be able to tell you because they don’t know yet.  They are so focused on what they want, which is often a slightly better version of what they already have.

To create a high growth, high margin business you need to deliver a breakthrough product, or at a minimum, an innovation.

SeeMetrics Partners  has a proven process to guide you and your Executive team to uncover and identify breakthrough ideas that can turbo charge your business to the next level.