Are You About to Suffer From the Boiling Frog Phenomenon?


A frog will sit in a pot of tepid water on a stove and allow the water to slowly warm up to the boiling point without jumping out.
Unfortunately, many business leaders suffer the boiling frog phenomenon because they miss five early warning signs on the way to the dreaded 212 degrees. Get out of the pot by focusing on and tackling these issues head on:

1) Most of your employees are not fully engaged in their work.
2) Your gross margin is continuing to shrink.
3) Your sales pipeline is becoming less clear and more unpredictable.
4) Your management team is not on same page or you don’t even have a page to get everyone on
5) Your senior team is spending more time on operational challenges than in market facing activities.
A true leader sees strength, not weakness, in seeking answers. Gaining a new perspective on a situation is an advantage. Sometimes, it takes an outsider to pull you out of the water before it starts boiling.
SeeMetrics Partners believes each of these warning signs can be resolved. Read more of our blogs and listen to our podcasts to find out how.