Upward and Onward in California

upward dance

Does economic growth drive the success of companies or does the success of companies drive economic growth?

The California Middle Market Indicator has released its 2nd Quarter 2014 report. It reveals that middle market companies in California are sending a strong message that they are poised to invest.  57% of California companies answered they will invest in the next 12 months.

While a weak overall economy can have a negative impact on the short term performance of companies, we believe that organizations that master the Four DecisionsTM will focus on how to grow and succeed in spite of external factors and in doing so can do well in almost any environment.

California middle market growth over the past 12 months was 7.8%.  This is 1.2% higher than the national growth rate.  It is predicted that over the next 12 months California middle market growth will be 6.2% and employment growth will be 3.4%.

This middle market in California represents more than 16,500 businesses generating approximately $725 Billion dollars in annual revenue.  That equates to 22% of all California business revenue and 29% of the California workforce.

At SeeMetrics Partners we believe that well managed companies can grow in almost any environment and when enough companies are well managed, they cause the economy to grow (not the other way around). And to grow you need to be able to bridge the gap between strategy and results by mastering the Four DecisionsTM. Contact SeeMetrics Partners to learn more.  Check out our Podcasts to learn how to bridge the gap.