Master the Habit of Quarterly Focus- Rockefeller Habits Get Results

Newlywed Game

If we played the Newlywed Game with everyone working for you would their answers match?  If I isolated each one of them and asked them what the number one priority for this quarter is, would they have the same answer? Does everybody in your organization know what is the priority for this quarter?

At SeeMetrics Partners, we believe mastering the Rockefeller Habits will bridge the gap between strategy and results. The number two habit is getting everyone in your organization aligned with the number one priority for the quarter that will propel the company forward and what their role is to support the priority.

The premise of the newlywed show is to test two people who are new to a relationship to see how well they know each other.  You isolate them from each other, ask a question and then bring them back together to see if their answers match.  The comedy ensues when you see how much they don’t know about each other.  The winners are those who match the most answers correctly.

The process is not a bad one to use when testing how much your executive team and your employees know about each other.  However, differences should not bring about laughter but rather, concern.


How do you think your staff would do in matching their answers to these questions?


  1. What is the Critical Number for this quarter to move the company ahead?
  2. What are the 3-5 priorities (Rocks) that support the Critical Number?
  3. What is the quarterly theme or celebration/reward that brings the Critical Number to life?
  4. Where is the theme posted and how do you know if it has been achieved?


Ensure that the senior leadership team and the whole organization fully understand the critical number, the priorities and the theme to move further in bridging the strategy to results gap.

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